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About us


Dr.hamed Al Mutabagani Hospitals offers a wide-range of services. Specialties include Obstetrics and Gynecology, Reproductive and IVF Centre, Dental and Orthodontics, Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, Bariatric Medicine, Neonatology and Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, ENT, General Surgery, Physiotherapy, Urology, Orthopedics, Cardiology, Neurology, Nephrology, Psychiatry, Plastic Surgery and Dermatology. A 24-hour Accident and Emergency Department and a Pharmacy complement its services.

Out-patient clinics

The out-patient clinics are situated on the ground floor of the hospital building . Our highly qualified consultants and doctors are presently working in this spacious floor. The clinics are fitted with the latest support system cover the following

    • Cardiology and vascular diseases  
    • Chest diseases  
    • Dental and oral surgery  
    • Dermatology and venereal diseases  
    • E.N.T  
    • Gastroenterology  
    • General surgery  
    • Internal medicine  
    • Neuro-surgery  
    • Nutrition  
    • Obstetrics and gynecology  
    • Orthopedic surgery  
    • Pediatrics -  
    • Physical therapy  
    • Plastic surgery  
    • Psychiatry  
    • Urology  


Meducal support services

The medical support services provide an up-to-date &advanced technology to ensure that correct diagnosis of illnesses are made immediately and treated accord-ingley.

1-X-RAY Department:

It contains the most advanced x-ray and ultrasonography machines. All kinds of special x-ray procedures can be done in this department and it is working 24 hours a day.


This department covers24 hours period and it offers the following facilities :
*hormone laboratory
*histopathology laboratory
*biochemistry laboratory
*Blood bank
*iqama& aids laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with the most advanced equipments such as:
*blood chemistry, a computerized machine which is able to analyze blood for about 50 different items from the same blood sample. It can also check 100 samples at the same time and give the results in a very short time.
*diagnosis of hepatitis, aids and other communicable diseases.
*full hematological services, electrophoresis, gas analyzer
*hormonal essay
*drug detection in urine and levels in blood

3-physical therapy:

This department has been equipped with the latest in physiotherapy treatment techniques such as ultrasound, infra-red, ultra-violet, massage, reflexology, hydrotherapy.


Two pharmacies, one inside pharmacy and an outside pharmacy are functioning in the hospital premises. The inside pharmacy opens 24 hours. Both well maintained pharmacies together can meet with the requirement of patient during any time of the day

IN-PATIENT department

In-patient room is furnished to a very high standard to provide comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for the in-patient. The electrically operated beds can be easily controlled by the patient himself, and each bed is facilitated with an overhead light units. Special call bell which can be put off only from the patients. Each room is provided with in-house video and television, telephone and special bathroom to ensure most comfortable stay for every patient in the hospital.

The rooms are categorized as follows:

Regular suites:

Each one consists of two luxurious rooms used as visitors and patient room separately. Other facilities such as t.V &video, refrigerator, and telephone are provided.

Fisrt class rooms:

This department has been equipped with the latest in physiotherapy treatment techniques such as ultrasound, infra-red, ultra-violet, massage, reflexology, hydrotherapy.

2 nd class rooms:

One bed room. Each of these private rooms are furnished with a 3 seater sofa, chair and other facilities required for the patient and visitors.

Special isolation rooms:

These are special room designed for communicable diseases and far-away from the other sections.

Intensive care unit (icu):

This is a well-equipped unit with all facilities to handle any critical cases, requiring intensive care, respirators, including a highly qualified team of nurses and medical staff to manage these cases on a 24 hour basis, 7 days a week.

Nursery-pediatric and premature intensive care unit:

This department is well prepared the best intensive and utmost medical care to our premature babies. Cardiac monitors, respirators and up-to-date equipments ensures that each baby is carefully taken care of by our highly trained staff.

Operating Theatre

Dr.hamed Al Mutabagani Hospitals has five operating room. Three o.R. Are used for different types of surgeries and two o.R. For deliveries and gynecological operation, all are equipped with the latest models of anaesthetic machines with built-in ventilators and end tidal co2 monitoring with special device for monitoring percent of inspiratory and expiratory anaesthetics and gases. Also supplied with full haemodynamic automated monitoring and pulse oximeter to fulfill most resent safety measures in resent centers approved by american society of anaesthesiologist (asa). Also recovery rooms are supplied by the most recent cardiovascular and respiratory monitors for safe recovery.

Emergency Room

Full services are provided on a 24 hours basis. Supervised by a team of highly qualified doctors and registered nurses, specialized in all aspects of emergency care, including cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. The emergency department contains 4 fully equipped rooms where treatment and small operations can be done.
It is place has been chosen with special entrance where patients can be transferred easily

Our profestional doctor

Our promise is a quality-driven service, and our aim is to ensure affordable access to healthcare services